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    1. Re: English for Careers Oil and Gas 1 : SB + Audio

      Dude, now book 2 is ok to download. Could you update the mediafire download link for book 1?
    2. Asking for Price Information of Liner Hanger and Casing Accessories

      My friends, I am with a small private geothermal drilling company. Recently I am making a budget for the cementing materials & equipment of 3 wells.

      I tried to send my enquiry to Weatherford...
    3. Casing centralizer placement softeware (no password)

      The following link is to a Weatherford CentraPro software.

      RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

      After installing the software, automatically there will be a code generated.

      This softwares requires...
    4. Sticky: Script for the 10 Drilling CDs of Schlumberger

      To help non-English-native oilmen (I am one of them) and new petroleum professionals (once again, I am one of them) to better understand the 10 Drilling CDs (Schlumberger training material).

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      HPHT Cementing Coursework

      Re-upload. My previous upload is unsuccessful.

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      HPHT Cementing Coursework

      It's my pleasure to share this to you all.
    7. Request for Centralizer Placement Software

      Hi, everybody. Does any one have a Centralizer Placement Software to share?

      If yes, please help me! My email is
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