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    1. (ASK) QTC and ER in API 6A 21st Edition

      Hello all,

      May someone help me to explain in very simple definition, what is the different between QTC (Qualification Test Coupon) and ER (Equivalent Round).
      I already read API 6A 21st Edition...
    2. How to read this table ? [Problem with insctruction from ASTM D471)

      Hello guys, recently i have an issue to read this table

      So, we are actually having a soak test for V-ring (rubber material), and before...
    3. Is there a standard that explains method of practice for V-Ring or O-ring Soak Test ?

      As the title of this post, i wanna know if there is a standard/code that ruled or explains a method of practice for V-Ring or O-Ring Soak Test (mainly rubber ring), we want to fit if our test already...
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      Api 5c4

      is anyone has API 5C4 ?
      for research purpose..

      thanks :02.47-tranquillity:
    5. [ask] where i can find reference for calculate torque ring (delta torque)?

      Hello guys, i need some help to solve this problem,

      So our patner need to calculate torque ring (Delta Torque) inside casing 8-rounds as picture below,

    6. Re: [ask] how to calculate torque on the api tubing eue 8-round thread ?

      Thanks sir :cheerful:
    7. [ask] how to calculate torque on the api tubing eue 8-round thread ?

      Hello guys, i need some help :dejection:

      so i have to solve this problem for my "trainee's homework"
      my big boss ask me to find how can i calculate torque on the API tubing EUE 8-round thread,
    8. [Help] Need Pipeflow Analysis Reference

      Hello everyone :02.47-tranquillity:* can someone help me ?

      I am now studying something on pipe analysis for my thesis* but i have no much references and before i have read in online that some...
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      Re: [Need] Water Hammer Refrence

      Thanks a lot friend
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      [Need] Water Hammer Refrence

      Hello everyone* may i get some e-book relating with water hammer ? in general or specific :friendly_wink::friendly_wink:

      Before thanks* need it for Ram Pump Design
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