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  2. No one will ever get an email from me, my identity must be preserved. All files are on Telegram. You must be sponsored to join. Those who want to must be VERY active on and then post a request for someone to sponsor you. It is a shame because very few want to help others but they want everything handed to them.
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    Hi Marty,

    Hope you are doing well. Is there any change you can upload that EI JIG standards again.

    EI 1585, 1584, 1550, 1530, 1540, 1541

    varadarajck (at) yahoo (dot) com
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    Ok I understand and I think he's right.
    Thanks for the reply.
  5. Duh, read the message below your post. You must be active here or on Telegram as a sharer. Then ask for a member to sponsor you. I am done with the take all and do not share attitude. I do not add anyone and have left the group active for members to build it. Other groups have taken all our hard work rather than build the GroupEgpet. Those who help others and have a history of it should attract a sponsor. When you have helped others consistantly, post a thread asking to be sponsored.
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    Hi Marty
    The invite link I can not connect - I get an error message.
    there will be a solution?
  7. GroupEgpet invite was deleted to stop the endless worthless spammers. They have no value to society. Only existing members can add new members and if they add worthless leaches or spammers, they will be banned forever.
    If someone wants to join, then they must be sponsored by an existing member, Both should be active in contributing to the group or face removal. We are tired of freeloaders.
    Usernames are required , period.

    Prove yourself here on by posting new docs to help others, then try asking for someone to sponsor you.
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    Dear Marty Thompson,
    I am new to this Community.
    I visited your blog, from that I found there is a telegram group which is admin by you.
    Can you send a link to join that group that very useful for me.
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    Thank You for the ASME standards, you are a legend!
  10. You must create a unique Username in the Telegram settings in the block under the phone number to join our groups.
  11. Why didn't you read...
    Those who do not set a username in the settings of Telegram will be removed immediately. If you have set it, send me a message there and request to join again.
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