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    hi sir
    I am searching for this subject. can help ne and give me some books about it or some articles?
    [B]removing mecaptan from Natural gas condensate[/B]
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    Dear Sir,
    I am Muhammad Assad from Pakistan.I am desperately
    looking for the book 'A Handbook for Seismic Data Acquisition in
    Exploration by Brain J.Evans.'
    I have to go for a Field Geophysicist job interview within 15
    days.Please mail me the download link of the book or send the book to me at this email
    address.I will be highly grateful to email address is [email][/email]
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    please i need the book Please Petroleum Society Monograph - Determination of Oil and Gas Reserves to develop my thesis, where I can download?
    thank you very much
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    Hi Friend
    Can you turn me a member of exetools forum? because there be necessary a invited member for this, and you are a member.
    Many thanks
    My e.mail [email][/email]
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    hi, aliali...
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    Hi Brother Aliali, please can you forward to my mail on forum or through [email][/email], the fix and setup process for Petrel 2009.1. I have been looking for it for quite a while and feeling rather dejected at not being able to use this great software. Thank you in advance
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    Hi AliAli,
    I appreciate that you are a moderator, but i request to know whay you have deleted the follwing topic:
    How much cost needs? for seismic data acquisition & processing & interpretation

    it would have been wiser to move it to the general area rathar than deleting it

  9. It seems like a good idea,i will see what we can do about it
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    I have one suggestion for this forum, but I don't know if you can modify the script of this forum.
    Instead of posting 100+ "thank you" on the good thread ppl may actually click on a tiny button called "say thank you" located near the name of the user who opened a thread, thus eleminating a mess and keeping the important replies visible.
    I saw this system on a Russian forum and it works just great.
    Some of those guys have 3000+ "thank you" points on their accounts. Those are -3000 or so "thank you" messages ppl would otherwise post, thus making a forum barely readable
  11. don't have them sry
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Heriot-Watt University Basic Geology/Exploration Course

by aliali on 07-31-2010 at 02:56 PM
Quote Originally Posted by aliali View Post
Starting with the First Topic in the Course

**Plate Tectonics and Sedimentary Basins**


1. The Earth
2. Plate Tectonics
3. Mantle Convection
4. How do we know plates exist?
5. Features of the Atlantic Ocean Floor
6. Age of the Ocean Floor
7. Crustal Plates
8. Why Shoulld We Care?
9. Types of Margins
10. Magnetic-Reversals
11. What Is a Sedimentary Basin?
12. A Model off Basin Formation
13. Controls on Basin Deposition
14. Sea-Level Changes
15. Progradation / Aggradation

Download From Here :
Exploration , Reservoir