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    dear muneeb193,
    maybe i have bad english, please give me password to open myhomework.rar was posted first by Orooomo

    thanks and regards
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    Dear muneeb,

    can you please send me the Aspen V7 Good link brother waiting for your kind Help.


    Email : [email][/email]
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    I just see your message right now since I have not been here for long time. I hope you have solved your problem. I do extract ASPEN ONE V7 without any problem. I think your file is currupt. Redownload can solve this problem but don't redownload in too short time because the operating system may use buffer. Good luck.
  5. You should copy the generated lic**** only.
  6. The conversion should not cause you to lose any data; however, I certainly would backup before large scale conversions like this.
  7. You wrote: 'i use fat32 file format." THIS is your problem because "The maximum possible size for a file on a FAT32 volume is 4 GiB minus 1 byte (2^32−1 bytes)." (from Wikipedia).

    If you want have, files larger than 4 GB, you have to use NTFS file system.
    [URL=""]How to convert FAT32 to NTFS.[/URL]
    The conversion does not remove files, in the contrast to format.
  8. hi,
    first check, md5 check sum all 47 files:

    "# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer ([url=]Home of the MD5summer[/url])
    # Generated 2009-01-21 13:11:59

    0851ec504e05594302c0a9d80f668e9a *
    16d9838c7055b3cbde380641fd4848aa *
    50b9b05ae13f07ca6a7e403518a45f2a *
    2e5bc96c9aca35550a3389110d66b482 *
    005c8e57aee83789510cebe22bbd9566 *
    5372aa483fff4b8a58348aa9bfbec40b *
    bd56a87fa9e10866b81dcebd85b2ad5e *
    a4b6869a45d5c9f08a4e636f08d7820c *
    32e23559a85ceb396a7c7f690521194b *
    8836e5064c86bf82d4b0e3a3bab6e4d9 *
    84a18e79d69698b4e47779feef102297 *
    914932d195d97bbbb1fb6cecdaaf984b *
    c8906e9f78359fb83c0e137996edb197 *
    58068f3bf633d4eaf0d1c1f1cd8dbab0 *
    8fc2ff375e5b2a82d86d42334053bbf3 *
    d5b6ece07823cd6f25edebbe77288b8d *
    fcf455d266f6f299efacf5bdd5d6318b *
    b9f56d302e75351481822eef4f4543ce *
    8e312f00babc30d565b51750d45f14e8 *
    8cde2c98bc2b3bfe7af65affad630e8e *
    135d849c867e1cfbc258fe19291122bb *
    b7b3cf71c43507f34bd8fabddbab595c *
    3f2665542d287c47cf2f96ea4193d9ad *
    a2f014e57348498f53909c43a762b14f *
    896692c3725b0f660ed4e1529ad27b1f *
    f9ea4753928a3fd0de0dd61ae10b37d2 *
    651251993c56aad8b74e9ed6414b9035 *
    3ba118f7f7777d20224ab97990096854 *
    c789991efa847ebbc6b2c5807061487d *
    7a32b4b0aa7ed5e7d4481f91de9614ee *
    f788db9409c568bdbce36a1e6f3b2bc1 *
    2ea92cffbb519ea930ec61eda377a4d1 *
    d219611bd602eeffe31de88012ebf553 *
    8d0e55503459ff5685c74ca1d70be684 *
    5913eaf4c3a76b0b697aa21a9906531e *
    c1c6388d953788c7bdbe12a1d7259828 *
    b9c4a22f2c9794e89d2ff2c3c360c761 *
    daf9a86ff20f231270739f96a3948511 *
    677274350f235486d9aed70c1803938a *
    ba00e34087a977942f60c3cdb346ab6e *
    b2cf7d5761948e23c127719013209eb0 *
    7ea9f4af20e6a9033f719f4793a2ed6d *
    d8954d246337200a4cd197ea670fc3d7 *
    5e231f5a79a704cabbef7ed3e30b6fe3 *
    e45c1c2537eb739b0c5353cb1c29b961 *
    f7f774a00d8a41cc52c4400ff7137935 *
    3f1d0607d6d5629dc1b6ad113f50a2d4 *"

    I always do this:
    Click right mouse button on and type 7-Zip ==> Extract here and enter the password, click OK and wait...
    after extract I have new folder aspe***E*V7, inside have 2 files:

    "# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer ([url=]Home of the MD5summer[/url])
    # Generated 2009-01-13 15:23:23

    279f6bfe042c9251b80ced037731c1f0 *aspe***E_V70***1.iso
    e1c961751c0e842bdc8beae28bec42a1 *aspe***E_V70D***1.mds"

    If you have this, must extract this and enter the password it is identical.

    You wrote "got a message the low disk sapace bt i have 50 gb free disksapace". Maybe your Page File is to small and 7-Zip have to small memory to extract.
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