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  • mypakistan

    No Description

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  • payday loans

    payday loans in california

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  • WALS

    Good way for asking question, get several opinions and ways of doing a job, since there might be more than one answer to any question and one that probably can best fit to your case.

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  • Data Share

    Free Sharing of E-Books Presentation Videos Tutorials Software ETC.

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    Aws d.15 2015
  • pervaporation process

    pervaporation is the membrane process for three target:

    1.voc recovery from aquas solution

    2.separation of organic mixtures

    3.azeotropic solution separations

    Category: Petrochemical
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  • Valves&Pipeline products purchase group

    seeking valves, pipes, fittings, flanges etc products supplier for Oil&Gas industry !

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  • Welding Engineering & Inspection

    Welding Basis.

    Welding Metallurgy.

    Welding Processes (SMAW-GTAW-GMAW-FCAW-SAW) etc.

    Welding Procedure Specifications - WPS.

    Welding Procedure Qualification Testing - WPQT

    Post Weld Heat Treatment - PWHT.

    Procedure Qualification Record - PQR.

    Destructive Testing.

    NDE - NonDestructive Examination

    Norms and standards related to welding and inspection.






    ISO etc.

    Category: Engineering
    Last Activity: 09-20-2020 11:45 AM

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    Astm a923-14
  •  El Borussia Dortmund concreta el fichaje de Julian Schiebe

    <br />

    El Borussia Dortmund tras la reuni&#243;n de ayer con el Stuttgart concretaron el fichaje de Julian Schieber para las siguientes tres temporadas al pagar una suma cercana a los 8 millones de euros, cifra admisible y buena si hablamos de uno de los j&#243;venes talentos de la Bundesliga. Tiene 23 a&#241;os, anot&#243; 3 goles &#250;nicamente dentro de la disciplina germana y el mismo futbolista contar&#225; con minutos dentro del Dortmund durante la temporada 2012-13.<br />

    <br />

    Comunicado oficial del Borussia Dortmund En Alem&#225;n -<br />

    <br />

    [21.06.] Borussia Dortmund hat sich mit dem VfB Stuttgart ber einen Wechsel von Julian Schieber <a href=""></a> zum Deutschen Meister und Pokalsieger verst&#228;ndigt. Der 23-j&#228;hrige Strmer, der sieben Spiele fr die deutsche U 21-Nationalmannschaft

    Category: Engineering
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  • Distillation Plus

    All about a workhorse Called Distillation. Distillation Simulation and Design, operations,Control, troubleshooting and exp sharing to diffuse more and more on distillation. All domains like CPI, Petro, Aromatics, Organics are welcome

    Category: Engineering
    Last Activity: 07-17-2019 10:13 AM

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  • Overhead and Boom Cranes

    This group is for all crane operators, safety personnel, maintenance crews, and management who work with overhead cranes or booms or have them in their facility and are responsible for the safe operation and the productivity of the cranes.

    Filled with information about crane operation, regulations, products, and safety.

    Category: Uncategorized
    Last Activity: 09-22-2016 02:04 PM

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