1. john zink
    Steam: its generation and use
    Babcock & Wilcox Company

    Steam Its Generation and Use By Babcock and Wilcox Company

    Steam plant operation
    Everett B. Woodruff, Herbert B. Lammers, Thomas F. Lammers

    Steam plant calculations manual By V. Ganapathy
    Industrial boilers and heat recovery steam generators: design, applications ... By V. Ganapathy

    Steam: its generation and use. With catalogue of the manufactures of the Babcock & Wilcox co.

    Steam Distribution Systems Deskbook By James F. McCauley
    Fundamentals of steam generation chemistry By Brad Buecker

    Steam Boilers and Combustion, Volume 15 By John Batey

    A Handbook for Steam Users By Manfred Powis Bale

    Steam boilers
    Terrell Croft, Randall Brockner Purdy

    Steam pipes, their design and construction: a treatise of the principles of steam conveyance and means and materials employed in practice, to secure economy efficiency and safety
    The Norman W. Henley Pub. Co., 1906

    Steam boilers: their history and development, giving an account of the earliest known examples of steam generators, down to the most modern steam boilers

    Henry Handley Pridham Powles

    Properties of steam and ammonia
    George Alfred Goodenough

    Steam boiler engineering: a treatise on steam boilers and the design and operation of boiler plants
    Heine Safety Boiler Co.,

    Steam-boiler construction
    Walter S. Hutton

    manual of steam-boilers: their design, construction, and operation
    Robert Henry Thurston

    Economy in the use of steam
    Frank Salter

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