Train Virtually in 2018: Well Testing in Tight Gas Fields Training

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    Hi Dear Members & Users,

    I am proud to offer a continued virtual training opportunity in 2018. It combines Oil & Gas industry experience, expertise, content, and technology to develop your working competency.

    Each Skill Module provides a summary of the specific learning activities that the learner will complete, and will include activities such as reading content, self-paced e-learning, virtual video instructor-led sessions, discussion forums, case studies, quizzes.

    Benefits include:
    1st: It is APPLIED
    2nd: EXPERIENCE based problem solving
    Therefore SAVING UP much TIME
    3rd: REAL Case Study
    4th: One of a Few Pressure Transient Analysis courses on TIGHT GAS
    5th: CERTIFIED Upon Completion
    Best regards
    PetroWellTest member
  2. @Petro_WellTest
    Hi, We made an Intro video to Explain the Executive summary of the course, Hope you enjoy it
  3. @Petro_WellTest
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