How to become a welding engineer?

  1. rrohit
    hi everyone!

    i am a mechanical engineer and currently hold a position of mechanical design engineer for static equipment's for a small time vendor.
    unfortunately our manufacturing is done completely in another country, as a result i really miss the production/manufacturing side of the business.

    I wish to leave this job in order to pursue a career in welding

    Please advice

  2. ToR
    Why don't you visit AWS or TWI website, there are many courses ready for you.
  3. vahidkhan
    Hi friend
    You can also visit IIW website
  4. mitsai_3
    Take the IWE/EWE course in your country. In Germany it is set for 3 months in full time, in other counties it takes around 1 year in part ime.
    The course is divided in 4 modules and in each you have written test and oral test where you need at least 12/20 to pass.
  5. Jibeesh
    hai there for" kishore karuppaswamy" or "kishore koduvayur" in google and go to instrumentation text....deep below you can get api solved exam papers....dont forget to comment in the blog if you feel it is helpful...see vacancies tab also
  6. Inspector.Soldadura
    Jibeesh your post is fake* there's nothing in that website related to API solutions.
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