API 582 wrong filler in Table A.4

  1. inspectormag
    Hi friends,
    today my friend asked me a filler for Cu-Ni (90-10) and I recommended him to use API 582 Table A.4 but I found a wrong filler in the table and I surprised really.
    According to AWS A5.7 the filler for Cu-Ni (90-10) is ERCuNi but as it is recommended in table A.4 of API 582 the filler should be A5.11 (ERNiCu-7).
    As you see it is wrong filler while material is Cupper based and the filler should be a Cupper based also.
    Who can confirm me?
  2. inconel

    Copper and Nickel will form full of intermetallics.

  3. Jibeesh
    hai im .........search for" kishore karuppaswamy" or "kishore koduvayur" in google and go to instrumentation text....deep below you can get api solved exam papers....dont forget to comment in the blog if you feel it is helpful
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