Introduce YourSelf

  1. geologist2010
    hello my dear members

    i create this group to share with us knowledge about petrophysics and petrophysical applications
    so anyone have any thing to share put it here like sample projects, manuals,....etc.
    first let's know each other well
    you can put your name , email , your area of interest, what you have to share
    i'll start with myself
    myname is Adel
    Email :
    Area of interest : petrophysics
  2. Ayax
    Well I´m watching that nobody continue with this section... then
    I want to be the next and introduce myself:

    I´m from México, my name is Arcangel Ayax, my email is
    currently I'm ending my career and I hope to work soon.

    The areas of my interest at moment in general are production and reservoir

    Nice to meet you Adel
  3. Euskadi59
    My name is Mario Mallaviabarrena, working on petrophysics by more than 20 years, from Argentina, anyone I can help on Logs analisys, Petrophisics, Images, reservoir characterization, don't doubt in contact. My mails are or Guys nice to meet all of you. Regards. Mario
  4. Mohammed.t
    Hello geologist2010 and members,

    myname is Mohammed
    Email :
    Area of interest : Reservoir Engineering

    Nice to meet you everybody
  5. Ogunjobi Solomon Sunday
    Hi all, i guess i'm the newest member, i am solomon, petrophysics is a passion to me, and i'll like to share idea on it rgds
  6. amirhshmpr
    Hi Everybody

    My name is Amir
    I am a new petrophysicist, not more than a month. Eager to learn from you.
    happy to see you all here and very eager to keep in contact with you all.
    here is my email:
  7. alphonseajayan
    Dear All,
    I am Alphonse from india , my
  8. ledlou
    Hi All,

    I am a petrophysicist from Hungary (do you know where it is? ), but now living in Aberdeen (UK).
    If you would need any help regarding PP applications, just give me a shout.

    Kind regards,
  9. Husnain
    Dear All,

    I am geologist and want to become petrophysicist. I am trying to learn Techlog software. If anyone have some helping material or videos for training. please share with me.
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