how to calculate pipesing and there calcluation

  1. nizami
    how calclate from top elevaton or from exit of vessel to the end ,please the one exam of calculation
  2. Muhammad Aqeel
    Can u explain the a little more what u want to say

  3. arezoo
    as you know the vessels have som stiffness in real calculation ,this relate to elevation of vessel and also the height of pipe you want to support and also the load of supporting as expansion dou to temprature and wheight , if you want support the pipe from the body of vessel you should consider allowable nuzzle load from API forume ,its better to consider one side of supporting to nuzzle that the stress duo to this portion of pipe should not higher than nuzzle load from API .for another part of supporting you can give your support from body of vessel ,please be careful to check the load on vessel body because the thikness of vessel related to load is very low thk and mabe can cause stress intensification.for better scense please check the CAESAR II help for supporting from vessel body. if you have problem for fluid distribution please explain better that i can better help you.
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  4. Yuri47
    "you should consider allowable nuzzle load from API forume" (C)
    Better way for allowable nozzle forces & moments nozzle-to-shell connection determination is NozzlePro PRG using
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