all books in corrosion

  1. john zink
    Please put all your b ooks in corrosion subject in this page.
  2. john zink
    these are books in corrosion:
    1-CO2 Corrosion Control in Oil and Gas Production - Design Considerations: (EFC 23
    Edited by: Kermani, M.B.; Smith, L.M. © 1997 Maney Publishing

    Corrosion Inhibitors for Steel in Concrete
    Prepared by Elsener, B. with support from a Task Group of Working Party 11 on Corrosion of Reinforcement in Concrete © 2001 Maney Publishing

    Corrosion (3rd Edition) Volumes 1-2

    Edited by: Shreir, L.L.; Jarman, R.A.; Burstein, G.T. © 1994 Elsevier

    Uhlig's Corrosion Handbook (2nd Edition
    Edited by: Revie, R. Winston © 2000 John Wiley & Sons

    Handbook of Corrosion Engineering
    By: Roberge, P.R. © 2000 McGraw-Hill

    Corrosion Inhibitors - An Industrial Guide (2nd Edition)
    By: Flick, Ernest W. © 1993 William Andrew Publishing/Noyes

    NACE Corrosion Engineer's Reference Book (3rd Edition
    Edited by: Baboian, Robert © 2002 NACE International

    Amine Unit Corrosion in Refineries (EFC 46)
    By: Harston, J.D.; Ropital, F. © 2007 Woodhead Publishing
  3. john zink
    Control of Corrosion in Cooling Waters: (EFC 40)
    Edited by: Harston, J.D.; Ropital, F. © 2004 Maney Publishing

    Modifications of Passive Films
    Prepared by the Working Party on Surface Science and Mechanisms of Corrosion and Protection - Edited by Marcus, P.; Baroux, B.; Keddam, M. © 1994 Maney Publishing

    DECHEMA Corrosion Handbook - Revised and Extended 2nd Edition
    Edited by: Kreysa, G.; Schütze, M. © 2008 DECHEMA

    Progress in Corrosion - The First 50 Years of the EFC: (EFC 52)
    Edited by: McIntyre, P.; Vogelsang, J. © 2009 Maney Publishing

    Fundamentals of Corrosion and Scaling - For Petroleum and Environmental Engineers
    By: Chilingar, George V.; Mourhatch, Ryan; Al-Qahtani, Ghazi D. © 2008 Gulf Publishing Company

    Boiler Water Treatment - Principles and Practice, Volumes I-II
    By: Frayne, Colin © 2002 Chemical Publishing Company Inc

    Water-Formed Scale Deposits
    By: Cowan, Jack C.; Weintritt, Donald J. © 1976 Knovel

    Nalco Water Handbook (3rd Edition)
    Edited by: Flynn, Daniel J. © 2009 McGraw-Hill

    Microbial Corrosion
    Prepared by the Working Party on Microbial Corrosion - Edited by Sequeira, C.A.C.; Tiller, A.K. © 1992 Maney Publishing

    Seawater Corrosion Handbook

    Edited by: Schumacher, M. © 1979 William Andrew Publishing/Noyes
  4. john zink
    any one have this book?

    [B]Corrosion Inhibitors, 2nd Edition: An Industrial Guide[/B]

  5. john zink
    Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring

    i looking for this book too.

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