Hydrate inhibition?

  1. mh_mahmoodieh
    [B][SIZE="2"]Hello friends
    Any idea about hydrate inhibition using methanol instead of glycol dehydration plant?
  2. zinokabyl
    I give an idea why commonly we use methanol instead of glycol dehydration plant, because the solubility of methanol in hydrcarbons is lower than the glycol (teg, mono ..etc), according principally to the given charts found on the handbooks of the NG treatment
    and you can check
  3. carlo.stenali
    it's a different approach,
    a page in wikipedia says "Glycol dehydration units depress the hydrate formation point of the gas through water removal" which is, in my opinion not true, even with very low amounts of water hydrates can form and accumulate, so reducing water content can protect against many problems (freezing etc.) but you are not safe with hydrates.
    Instead inhibitors as methanol, ethanol etc. can effectively reduce the hydrate formation temperature (below your operating temperature) but they have a cost.
    At last you have to decide evaluating practical and economical aspects.
    We have discussed these points in a recent thread of


    hoping this helps,
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