H/C ratio Of gasoline?

  1. sushantgb25
    I've a doubt regarding the C1H1.85 configuration of Gasoline. I know the H/C ratio of Gasoline is 1.85 and that of Diesel is 1.89 but the problem is that I've no idea about the E20 Gasoline blend's H/C ratio. I'm a student researcher working on the fuel emission project,and I've not found any theory of clarification about the H/C ratio calculation.

    Is there anybody who can help me out to sort out my issue regarding how is the H/C ratio of Gasoline is 1.85...and what can be the ratio of a blend. Please give me a hint how to actually calculate the H/C ratio.
    Earlier, I thought that it may be just molar ratio and according to that it comes 2.25 for gasoline, that is not true according to the resources I've and it contradicts the records and experimental answers. So, please give me a complete overview on this topic. Hope, you'll help me out.
    Thank you in Advance.
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