PIPESIM :Sizing flow line riser pair

    Hi guys!
    I'm new to PIPESIM Software (version 2009) , I build a simple single branch (source ,flowline , riser ) in system analysis to size the flowline & the riser ID.
    I enter all parametersin sstem analysis (in the X axis =water cut and Y sensitivity variable is flowline and riser ID ) and I check the calculate pressure inlet and i enter the value of flow rate and pressure outlet when I run the model ,the PS plot doesn't show anything and in the summary file , the pressure inlet fail to converge .
    " CASE NO. 1 UNCONVERGED IDIAMETER=6 ins WCUT=0. % Inlet Pressure=40000 psia
    Flowline_1 0.0 60000. 0.000000 40000. 250. 0. 0. 0.000 24.6 1.0000 0. LIQUID
    **** Calculated pressure is too low ( 0 psia) in section 1 ******
    ******* case terminate
    WARNING: The iteration routine could not achieve the required outlet pressure for the above case:
    A solution cannot be found without violating a user-specified limit."

    in the other hand ,i have as inforamtion The performance forecast for the field, as obtained through reservoir simulation(table in which dressed the value of the liquid cuml(MMSTB) ,the pressure ,and the water cut , but i don't know how to enter this value !
    this is the link of PDF( the first exercice)
    what's the problem ?
    thank u for answering
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