TWI Plant Inspection

  1. Ramy Moustafa
    Dear ALL .. can any on share plant inspection course material
  2. gopalmp
    I too need
  3. minhky032003
    not too much people like to join this subject!! no one like to share!
  4. YJT
    I need too!
  5. sarathchandar
    Dear Sir,

    Pls send or upload thew PLANT Inspection Materials.
  6. Dhurjati Sen
    Guys, it would not be prudent to mug study material on plant inspection.....that too there are various such documents reg. equipment, piping, corrosion, failures, etc. You need to have real time experience, too.
    Why not post specific problems and get realistic solutions from experts?
  7. aatif007
    real time experince with theory
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