Seismic Analysis Ebook and sofware manual

  1. promax.landmark
    Here I am going to post some seismic processing E_book.
    The first one is:
    A Practical Understanding of Pre- and Poststack Migrations volume I and II.:)
  2. zarei
    hi promax.landmark
    I have also some books that I can share it. I know you share some manual about promax. do you have some tutorial about focus.
    best regards
  3. promax.landmark
    Dear zarei
    I have some tutorial about focus but these are not as good as promax manual.
    please give me your mail address.
  4. promax.landmark
    Dear zarei
    Please give me your mail address. I'll send you the book
  5. dafenshi
    me two
  6. promax.landmark
    Hi guys
    Here is links that you can download the book with it:
  7. dafenshi
    Thanks so Much mate
  8. khawar_geo
    My Dear Respected Brother,

    I need the seismic processing books and mannuals for my Research.
    I also need the good tuitorials from which i can understand the processing in easy way and can proceed my work .

    Please help me.

    waiting for reply



  9. dafenshi
    hi guys does any one have this book?
    Problems in Exploration Seismology and Their Solutions
  10. geophysicien1
    hi friend the links that you gave are died please reupload the book
    thant pro max
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