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Preliminary Chemical Engineering Plant Design

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W.D. Baasal (Author)

Book Description:

Three types of design problems are discussed in this book. One is the design of a plant for a totally new product. The second is the design of a new process for a product that currently is being produced. The last is the preliminary design of a competitors plant, to determine what his costs are. In each of these, little is known about the process, so that a large amount of educated guessing must occur.

This book deals mainly with chemical plant design, as distinct from the design of petroleum refineries. For the latter, large amounts of data have been accumulated, and the procedures are very sophisticated. It is assumed that the reader has some familiarity with material and energy balances. A background in unit operations and thermodynamics would also be helpful, although it is not necessary. No attempt is made to repeat the material presented in these courses. This book applies a systems philosophy to the preliminary process design and cost estimation of a plant. In doing so, it tries to keep in perspective all aspects of the design. There is always a tendency on the part of designers to get involved in specific details, and forget that their job is to produce a product of the desired quality and quantity, at the lowest price, in a safe facility. What is not needed is a technological masterpiece that is difficult to operate or costly to build.

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