Conversation Between Shakespear and camiqmex

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  2. Hi, shakespear
    Please check your moderator is not a good person
    Please review my MP and make your desicion

    Hi, netspyking

    All your email, are recorded.
    Want to publish them?
    Want to see how a moderator is against their rules of the forum?

    Please do not threaten me.
    At no time have I told you not to send you the license.
    I'm just saying I will not do according to your rules.

    You demand much, but do not give anything in return.
    I can post the license for all. freely
    I can upload the software SESAM FOR ALL.

    I have many friends in the forum.
    Many years. I trust them and they trust me.

    Want to see each of them publish your email?
    Want to see who comes out the forum first, if you or I?

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