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  1. 3i Approach to Slips and Trips

    Slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at work in many industries around the world and in many cases account for over 40% of all incidents reported. They are often the cause of major injuries resulting in long term absence which may have a major impact on individuals and society in general.

    The solutions to address slips and trips are often simple and low-cost to implement. Yet companies fail to address it correctly. By following the measures described below they will certainly help you in implementing an effective program to reduce slips and trips within your company.
    3i Slip and Trip Identification

    What is important is to look at slips and trips as a very distinct hazard identification process that you need to tackle very carefully. The assessment process does not need to be complex or quantifiable with score ratings that most people never understand. It needs be what we call a very simple 3i approach.

    1. Identify the slip trip hazards
    2. Identify who will be at risk,
    3. Identify the appropriate control measures

    Identify the hazards in your workplace that may lead to slip or trip injuries and who will be at risk. Then decide on suitable and effective control measures which will prevent accidents occurring. Just remember do not use generic assessments in your decision making process as they quite often fail to address real local issues.
    Prevention Methods to Prevent Slips and Trips

    Once you have completed the 3i assessment you may need to implement control measures and in addition communicate to employees what is required of them as individuals at work.

    For instance you might have identified power cables from hand power tools are the main cause of tripping incidents. So a simple safety control measure could be adopting the use of battery powered tools and eliminating the use of cables. This would result in total removal of the ...