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  1. Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers, Fifth Edition

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    Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers, Fifth Edition
    Stephen Hall (Author)

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    ISBN: 0123877857
  2. Chemical Engineering Books

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    Pressure Vessels: Design and Practice
    Somnath Chattopadhyay (Author)

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    ISBN: 0849313694
  3. analysis synthesis design of chemical processes

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    If someone have "analysis synthesis design of chemical processes" plz do share
  4. Preliminary Chemical Engineering Plant Design

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    W.D. Baasal (Author)

    Book Description:

    Three types of design problems are discussed in this book. One is the design of a plant for a totally new product. The second is the design of a new process for a product that currently is being produced. The last is the preliminary design of a competitors plant, to determine what his costs are. In each of these, little is known about the process, so that a large amount of educated guessing must occur.

    This book deals mainly with chemical plant design, as distinct from the design of petroleum refineries. For the latter, large amounts of data have been accumulated, and the procedures are very sophisticated. It is assumed that the reader has some familiarity with material and energy balances. A background in unit operations and thermodynamics would also be helpful, although it is not necessary. No attempt is made to repeat the material presented in these courses. This book applies a systems philosophy to the preliminary process design and cost estimation of a plant. In doing so, it tries to keep in perspective all aspects of the design. There is always a tendency on the part of designers to get involved in specific details, and forget that their job is to produce a product of the desired quality and quantity, at the lowest price, in a safe facility. What is not needed is a technological masterpiece that is difficult to operate or costly to build.

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  5. Design of Experiments in Chemical Engineering: A Practical Guide

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    Zivorad R. Lazic (Author)

    Book Description:

    While existing books related to DOE are focused either on process or mixture factors or analyze specific tools from DOE science, this text is structured both horizontally and vertically, covering the three most common objectives of any experimental research:

    ☻screening designs
    ☻mathematical modeling, and

    Written in a simple and lively manner and backed by current chemical product studies from all around the world, the book elucidates basic concepts of statistical methods, experiment design and optimization techniques as applied to chemistry and chemical engineering. Throughout, the focus is on unifying the theory and methodology of optimization with well-known statistical and experimental methods.

    The author draws on his own experience in research and development, resulting in a work that will assist students, scientists and engineers in using the concepts covered here in seeking optimum conditions for a chemical system or process.
    With 441 tables, 250 diagrams, as well as 200 examples drawn from current chemical product studies, this is an invaluable and convenient source of information for all those involved in process optimization.

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  6. Process Planning and Cost Estimation

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    R. Kesavan (Author), C. Elanchezhian (Author), B. Vijaya Ramanath (Author)

    Book Description:

    This book is an attempt to provide all necessary information about process planning and cost estimation. Various complex topics have been discussed point wise and supported by practical example problems. Important review questions from the point of view of examination have been added at the end. The subject matter has been presented in a simple and systematic way with numerous diagrams and illustrations so as to enable thorough understanding of the topics.

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  7. Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing (Print Version) (Encyclopedia of Chemical Process

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    Sunggyu Lee (Editor)

    Book Description:

    Supplying nearly 350 expertly written articles on technologies that can maximize and enhance the research and production phases of current and emerging chemical manufacturing practices and techniques, this second edition provides gold standard articles on the methods, practices, products, and standards influencing the chemical industries. Recent material includes the design of key unit operations involved with chemical processes; design, unit operation, and integration of reactors and separation systems; process system peripherals such as pumps, valves, and controllers; analytical techniques and equipment; evolving industry practices; and pilot plant design and scale-up criteria.

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