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  1. AGA Report No 10 : Speed Of Sound In Natural Gases

    AGA Repot No 10 : Speed Of Sound in Natural Gases

    The speed of sound in natural gas is the velocity a sound wave travels in the gas.

    An ultrasonic meter uses transducers to create sound pulses that travel across the flowing gas stream both with the flow and against the flow of gas.

    The difference in the transit times can be used to calculate the velocity of the gas in the pipe.

    The speed of sound in the gas can be calculated by dividing the distance between the transducer faces, known as path length, by the time required for a pulse to travel that distance.

    The path lengths are measured very accurately in the manufacture of the meter.

    In order for one to check the accuracy of the speed of sound measured by the ultrasonic meter, it was necessary to have an accurate method to calculate the speed of sound in natural gas.

    AGA Report No. 10 was developed to do just that.

    by comparing the speed of sound determined by the meter to the theoretical speed of sound in the gas as calculated by AGA Report No. 10.

    The equations that are Used In AGA 10 are extremely difficult to solve without the use of a computer

    U Can Calculate the AGA10 SOS , AGA 8 , AGA 7 , AGA 5 For free by :
  2. TechnoSoft.AMETank.v14.3. 11

    To download TechnoSoft.AMETank.v14.3.11, refer below link.

    I need compress latest version. Please DM or Email me if any one have.
  3. I would like to share my books in oil and gas industry for free download and use

    Quote Originally Posted by yasser kassem View Post
    Without any Copyrights, I would like to share my books in oil and gas industry for free download and use.

    Yasser Kassem

    Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Processing

    Basics of Oil and Gas Processing Book

    Basics of Corrosion in Oil and Gas Industry Book

    Basics of Fluid Flow and Pressure Drop Calculation

    Produced Water Treatment Book

    Water Formed Scale deposits Book
  4. Api 602

  5. How to install Vortex Breaker

    [B]Hi friends
    Outlet line from a vessel is horizontal for considering a vortex breaker what we must do?
    if vortex breaker install vertically is it work?
    or it should be install horizontally parallel to liquid surface.
  6. Please share this ebook: Aws api-m:2017

  7. Cost Estimation for Oil & Gas Facilities

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    I need some database through which I can estimate costs of Oil & Gas Processing facilities like de-hydration plants, Dew Pointing Plants, Inlet Separators, Amine Units, Storage, Gas Compression, Gas metering etc. etc. Cost accuracy is no too much refined, only required for conceptual phase economics.

    Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Valuable training material for petroleum cmmunity


    I have 15 days access for

    Here very valuable training material is available.

    Please suggest me how the complete website can be downloaded for sharing.

    I am trying to save screen shots (auto save by pressing "window sign + prt sc" but its difficult and very lengthy process.
  9. H2s removal from crude oil offshore

    We have topside facilities offshore which not designed for handling sour oil . We are going to tie back new wells having h2s and co2 content. What is the best available h2s removal units and technology to treat the multiphase crude before flowing it into the existing facilities offshore ?
  10. Process Analysis and Simulation in Chemical Engineering book needed

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