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  1. Annulus Pressure API RP 90 2006 R2012

    Dear Friends.
    I need to define MAWOP annulus according API RP 90, and I would like to know if you could help me with this standard.
    First Edition, Reaffirmed 2012.

    I´ll appreciate very much your help.

    Thank you

    Best regards,
  2. Geoframe

    Quote Originally Posted by AKSAO View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Vardoc View Post

    If anybody needs help with Geoframe interpretation software.

    Contact me for help.

    Dear Brother

    Could you please help my with geoframe 4.5 advanced training materials in seismic interpretation

    best regards

  3. API 13 Series

    Can Any One Please share latest APIs of 13 Series?
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    Drilling And Workover
  4. My Schlumberger License is not Starting

    Hello, my people,

    Please, I need your help.

    I have tried to start my Schlumberger license and I received this message:
    2019/01/26 14:12:35 ERROR: Error in starting service. An operation has timed out. Check server logs for more details.
    2019/01/26 14:12:35 ERROR: Exception Type: System.ServiceProcess.TimeoutException
    2019/01/26 14:12:35 ERROR: Exception Message: Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed.
    2019/01/26 14:12:35 INFO: 10% complete...
    2019/01/26 14:12:35 INFO: service started

    I checked the Diagnostic tab and the following message appeared there:
    14:12:18 (slbsls) EXTERNAL FILTERS are OFF
    14:12:18 (lmgrd) slbsls using TCP-port 27010
    14:12:18 (slbsls) Serving features for the following vendor names:
    slbsls slbfd lmslb
    14:12:20 (slbsls) TCP_NODELAY enabled

    Can someone suggest some possible solutions.

    Thank you
  5. Rod pump Software

    Good day , I need a software to design Rod pump , it is urgent please . I need to download
  6. help please

    I ask if anyone have any petrophysics software with ...... or any software to interpretation well logging data with ...... to use it in my PhD studies.
    please helpe me because I need it very necessary.
  7. Natasha plus

    Dear All
    I need natasha plus if any one have please send me thanks
  8. Production logging

    Please share any book on production logging.
  9. help me please .

    Dear Friends, does any body have well log analysis software such as JLog Petrophysical or Geoscience GS v5.1 log Analysis. Info of one them shown in the link below :

    JLog Petrophysical Software - Petrophysics Software - Formation Evaluation Software - Well Log Analysis Software - Version 4

    Please share in this forum if you have. Thank you very much.

  10. need any well logging software , necessary

    Hi every one
    I'm engineer KHEDER, well logging phd student .
    i need any well logging interpretation software( petrolog , powerlog , IP, techlog , JLog.......)[/COLOR] to use it in my theses
    could any one help me please . its very necessary . share it to my Email (
    thank you very much
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