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  1. Instrumentation text for free

    hai there for" kishore karuppaswamy" or "kishore koduvayur" in google for all engineering related text books and go to instrumentation text........dont forget to comment in the blog if you feel it is helpful......
    jibeesh k
  2. Roof insulation tips

    Winter is here and that means cold temperatures, and maybe even snow. As temperatures drop you can expect your heating costs to rise. Thats inevitable. However, if youre noticing that theyre even higher than usualhigher than they should beit could be a sign that your insulation is insufficient. If your home isnt properly insulated, heat (and your hard earned money) is literally escaping out of the roof.) Insulation is the key to keeping heating costs down this winter so here are some tips to keep in mind.


    Before we talk about insulation, lets talk about basic roof maintenance. Though insulation is often to blame for high heating costs, other common roofing issues could be to blame as well. Its important to keep your roof in good shape by inspecting it regularly and replacing any *****ed or warped shingles as it becomes necessary. Also be sure to take care of any rotted wood or gaps in the fascia or flashing as these are ways hot air can escape your home.

    Cold vs. warm roof space

    There are two ways to insulate your home. The first is to insulate along the rafters. This will allow for a warm roof space because warm air can heat up your attic space. The advantage of a warm roof space is better heat retention in your home and lower heating costs. The down side to a warm roof space is that it could cause ice dams to form on your roof. For a cold roof space, you insulate at the joist level to keep your attic space cooler. If you live in a colder climate where snow is common, this is the better option though it will result in higher heating costs.

    Blanket insulation

    Blanket insulation is probably the most common form of roof insulation. Blanket insulation is typically made from fiberglass. The contractor will make sure that there is a vapor barrier and then the blanket insulation will be rolled out flush with the roof joists or rafters to ensure that there are no gaps ...
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  3. Properly Preventing Roof Problems

    The roofs of our homes serve an important purpose, and it is our responsibility as homeowners to take care of our roofs to make sure that they can continue to keep us and our families safe. *Depending on the type of materials your roof is made out of, much maintenance is not required, but regularly roof checks should be a priority to make sure that problems do not arise. *Unfortunately, roofs are often forgotten about despite how important their purpose is, and homeowners comfortable trusting that their roof is holding up just fine without proper maintenance. *If you want to avoid spending a fortune on roof repairs and problems, here are a few ways you can take care of your roof with little effort and little money. *

    Common roof problems

    It is only natural for roofs to wear over time, no matter what they are made out of. *No roof can completely withstand all the elements without proper maintenance. *Water particularly has a major effect on roofs of all types, and can cause leaking and mold problems that you are not aware of until it is too late. *Shingles are the most popular roofing material, and they often *****, curl or fall off after a while. *Colder seasons have more of an effect on roofs, as ice can often build up and cause problems with draining. *While all of these problems are common, they are also easily fixed if caught in time, which is why regular roof maintenance is important.

    Checking for damage

    There are obvious problems like gaping holes, missing shingles, *****s, and clogged gutters, but there are also problems that are harder to spot. *Dark spots on your roof usually indicate water damage and possibly mold. *Venture into your attic occasionally to catch any water damage or mold problems before they turn into major problems. *Max Real Estate Exposure suggests that you regularly inspect your ceiling for sagging areas or discoloration because these are clear signs of major water damage that ...
  4. How can someone reach the top of the profession and become a leader in OHS?

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    Wayne Harris Chairman of ISQEM

    During my travels Im often asked the question how can someone reach the top in our profession and be recognised as a leader of OHS. I have listed below the top ten things that I recommend to people who either work for me, or I have mentored.

    1. Think outside of the box and challenge normal ways of doing EHS.
    2. Make sure you do not stagnate in one industry sector, be diverse and learn.
    3. Think, act and talk like a businessman as well as an EHS professional.
    4. Learn skills such as marketing, Public Relations, HR and finance.
    5. Create your own personal image to reflect what you want to achieve.
    6. Network at the right levels of the profession.
    7. Visibility, get known locally and internationally.
    8. Keep your knowledge up to date with latest trends, good and bad ones.
    9. Seek and take advice when you need it
    10. Always remember it takes a team to really make a success, so never claim you did it all yourself.

    I know we can add all types of other attributes and values we need to adopt such as, communication, trust, respect, integrity, sensitivity etc., but what people need to do is have hard look at how they are perceived by others.

    One of the main problems I have come across for people failing to progress in this industry is that they are out of date with business needs and the commercial world. In todays economic climate OHS professionals need to bring true business added value to their organisation.

    Wayne Harris
    Chairman of ISQEM
  5. Article: Vertical Turbine Pump Problem (Pumping Propylene)

    Quote Originally Posted by kamalnashar View Post
    Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sss
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  7. Bg/sblc specifically for lease

    Our financial instrument BG/SBLC, LC are specifically for lease from a direct, genuine and the best provider in town, at leasing price of 6+2 of face value, Issuance by HSBC London/Hong Kong or any other AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA. Contact Mr. Peter Dickson through our direct email:

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  8. EN 13565-2 Foam fire fighting system

  9. please help if can

    I have to write a procedure for pickling and passivation of stainless steel piping using citric acid, soda ash, and sodium nitrate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Openserver HASP HL 3.25 hardlock dongle


    Im currently working with openserver.

    Ive the hardlock of the software but I want to copy it in any way.

    Its a HASP HL 3.25 hardlock / dongle.

    In this way Ill be able to share it and Ill also have a hard copy of it.

    Ive tried many different things but I was unable to copy it. If someone can help me, Ill be grateful.

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