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  1. material handling hand book 2nd edition

    Does any one have a link to this book if so please send.

    Materials Handling Handbook, 2nd Edition [Hardcover]
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) (Author), International Material Management Society (IMMS) (Author), Editor-in-Chief Raymond A. Kulwiec (Author)

  2. CADMATIC and ShipConstructor 2010 or 2011

    Hi, to all member.

    can any one share nupas cadmatic software and ShipConstructor 2010 or 2011
  3. Laboratory information management systems & LIS Solutions

    Oil & Gas

    The value that CaliberLIMS can add to the quality of operations in a Petrochemical Organization, and the Return on Investment it can bring, is vindicated by an award winning Caliber Project in a leading Petrochemicals firm of wide operations. CaliberLIMS is highly flexible to address the needs of Quality - whether it is the fuel quality monitoring down the supply chain, or quality assessment across the process steps in a refinery, or in research studies on making the best fit lubricant.

    Commercial Laboratories

    The growth of commercial testing houses directly depends on two factors: Quality of Analysis and Customer Satisfaction evaluated through scientific Customer Relation Management (CRM). CaliberLIMS with its special design, helps the organizations with suitable configurations to know their customers, and proactively offers additional services to increase their satisfaction level. After all, a satisfied customer is equivalent to ten marketing personnel.
  4. Ss cladding

    I want to know the reason behind the use of SS cladding in process equipment like heat exchanger, reactor etc. I also want to know the procedure of cladding. I think the book will be helpful for this: Stainless Steels (Asm Specialty Handbook). If anyone have this book or information regarding cladding please upload. Thanks in advance.
  5. Chemical process design and development

    Peenal here I am a process engineer in a speciality chemical industry I have found this site extremely useful hence frist of all kudos to all the members who have contributed for this site.Recently I have search this site for books on scale up techniques from pilot plant to plant level but unable to do so.Hence I request our esteem members to please help me and other similar engineers.Any article on scale ups would also be useful.
    Peenal Kumar
    Technology , Petrochemical
  6. GexCon Flacs

    Quote Originally Posted by Hasan View Post
    Does anyone have FLACS v 9.1 ******** ?
  7. Control Valve Book Required.......

    Dear All,

    I need following book urgently.Kindly upload & help me...

    Thanks in advance..

    Control Valves - Practical Guides for Measurement and Control" edited by Guy Borden, Jr. and Paul G. Friedmann,.
    1998 edition published by ISA


    hi frnds..can any1 help me thru smart plant P&ID installation Procedure.....
  9. Infoworks cs

    please send me the link to download "infoworks CS " software along with -----
  10. please upload pinnacle studio

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