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  1. video safety collection

    Quote Originally Posted by npsrinivasarao View Post
    Thanks for the wonderful collection
  2. Study Book s for NEBOSH

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisfugiel View Post
    I need the first three, only.

    I search for the following book

    1-A Study Book for the NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management: Essential Health and Safety Guide for Those Who Have Responsibility for ... as Part of Their Work (NEBOSH Study Books)

    This essential health and safety guide is designed to meet the requirements of the NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management syllabus. The text is supported with many photographs, schematics and where appropriate sketches, hand drawn to show the standard required at NEBOSH examination. This publication provides an excellent reference guide for those with environmental issues as a function of their work or those who have full responsibility and are looking to progress to the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma qualification (Level 6). The guide focuses on UK law, relevant European directives and standards in context and environmental management systems such as ISO 14001 and BS8555, which is relevant to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to provide a broad understanding of environmental principles and practices. Students studying for the IEMA open book examination may find the book provides useful additional reading.

    2-The Management of International Oil and Gas Health and Safety July 2012: A Guide to the NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety

    3- NEBOSH International Certificate in Oil and Gas Study Guide

    A very detailed study guide offering students the best available information that will enable you to succeed in passing the Nebosh International Certificate in oil and Gas Operational Safety. In addition, the book provides a very easy to follow guide on the important safety considerations relating to the oil and gas industry.

    4-Introduction to International Health and Safety at Work: The Handbook for the NEBOSH International
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  3. Water Production Problem in Oil field (reservoir related problem)

    Dear Friends,

    I am looking for some documents about Water Production Problem in Oil field (reservoir related problem).
    If you have any documents, please shear them with us.

    <<May Allah reward you>>>
  4. Piping Systems FluidFlow v3.22.5

    Quote Originally Posted by R_RAZI View Post
    PipingSystems FluidFlow v3.22.6

    lic is hiden.:My Computer/tools/folder option/view/hide protected
    R_Razi I can't find the .Lic file can you send it to me, please, my mail is i need it!.

  5. Ametank

    Quote Originally Posted by khubar View Post
    Does someone has any version of AMETANK ?
    please keep me informed..

    does this software calculates and design the roof supporting structure too ?
  6. Be Safe

    Dear all,

    Just wanted to say hi and give you the message for the week;

    "If today you are thinking of taking a short cut, DON't you could lose a part of you and never get it back!"

    Look after yourselves and be safe.
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  7. NFPA-20 (2013 Edition) Available

    my direction [email][/email]

  8. NFPA-20 (2013 Edition) Available


  9. shell dep latest revision(newr than v 34)

    Quote Originally Posted by mohammadg55 View Post
    hi everybody
    dose anybody have the latest revision(newer than v34) of SHELL DEP to share?
    thanks in advance

    I am also very interested

  10. My Personal Safety Quotes:

    Over the years I have come up with several of my own safety and leadership quotations that I have used either in conferences, meetings or training sessions. Sometimes you can say just a few words and the message sticks with people for the rest of their lives. I have put below a few of my favourites that I have had success with when trying to make people accept their responsibilities and become leaders. Hopefully people will find useful to use during their own HSE or OHS training etc.

    "Good leaders are those who know how to motivate and challenge people at all levels of an organization to achieve their best performance. In addition they support and provide the resources necessary to ensure it is possible to meet the goals that have been set.

    No one cares how much you know about safety, until they know you can add to their success

    If you want to be a safety leader you must have innovation to succeed

    I may not be a financial director, but I can help reduce your financial loss

    If you dont consider safety part of your leadership strategy, then youre in the wrong job

    A company director who thinks safety is a costly overhead should resign at the first opportunity

    Only a fool would take a risk that would lose money or cause personal injury

    You cant say cutback on safety, and build a successful business in the same sentence

    Real leaders know when to motivate and when to stand up for change

    Wayne Harris
    Chairman of ISQEM
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