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  1. NFPA 70 - 2020 & NEMA VE-1 - 2017

    Hi there!

    Please, have anyone the NFPA 70, 2020 edition? and NEMA VE-1, 2017 edition? , could you share them?

    Thank you in advance
    Muchas Gracias

  3. API 650 12th Ed. 2014 Add 2018

  4. Astm standards

    Dear ALL..
    ASTM F36
    ASTM F37
    ASTM F38
    ASTM F104
    ASTM F146
    ASTM F147
    ASTM F148
    ASTM F152
    ASTM F495
    ASTM F607
    ASTM F806
    ASTM F868
    ASTM F1276
    ASTM F1315
    ASTM F1574
  5. 2018 International Mechanical Code® Study Companion

  6. Cga m-1

    Does anyone have CGA M-1? I have looked everywhere. Thanks

    Updated 10-07-2018 at 11:02 PM by markdbell

    Engineering Codes, Standards & Certifications
  7. Aws d1.2 2014

  8. Handbook pressure vessel by Uegene F. Megyesy 14th edition

    Hi everyone

    can someone share handbook of megyesy 14th edition, i just have 12th edition. so i need the latest book.
    many thankful if someone can share it
  9. Request for PQR WPS & WQR for ASME and EN ISO

    Quote Originally Posted by CANDICEDALAIS View Post
    Hi guys* can someone please upload a library of PQR WPS and Welders qualifications for ASME and EN ISO
    for half inch; 2 inch ; and 6 inch carbon Steel and stainless steel pipe. As well as a few plates that are carbon Steel and stainless steel. Pdf. Would be great.
  10. EN13480-3 Tee Branch Reinforcement Pad Calculation


    I am doing the branch tee reinforcement pad requirement calculation according to EN 13480-3 section 8.4.3. I have some queries as below.

    (1) In Equation 8.4.3-4 ( lpl <= ls). I have calculated the effective reinforcement of shell pipe (ls) value according to equation 8.4.1-2 which is coming around 190 mm. So According to the equation I can use the reinforcement pad width less than ls means less than 190 mm. If I follow the above equation * it will never satisfy the final equation 8.4.3-6. it seems this equation is not correct.
    If code restrict the reinforcement pad width how we can satisfy the final equation without increasing the pad width where reinforcement pad width is also limited to eas according to equation 8.4.3-5. Refer attached code page attachment (EN13480-3-Page-82.pdf). Please suggest.

    (2) EN13480-3 equation 8.4.3-5 condition eapl<=eas shall be satisfy.
    I am using the reinforcement pad thickness same as shell thickness* means pad will be cut from shell pipe during fabrication.

    I am using the nominal pad thickness same as shell thickness 16 mm with assuming same corrosion allowances. Refer below calculation.
    My nominal shell thickness en=16 mm. c0=3.4* c1=0.3 eas=16-3.4-0.3= 12.3 mm.
    Plate thickness used enpl=16mm. c0=3.4* c1=0.3 mm. so eapl=12.3 mm.

    Is my calculation & understanding is correct.

    As in brief above code restrict the reinforcement pad thickness as well as width to compensate the cutting area for branch.

    Please find attached my detail calculation. (Terna Reinforcement pad Calculation30052017.pdf)
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