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  1. BS/ EN/ ISO Welding standards : Welding materials

    Quote Originally Posted by ArnoldKinkweiser View Post
    can this be shared please?

    Hi I need CEN ISO/TR 20172 : 2017 standard edition . regards Jurus
  2. I would like to share my books in oil and gas industry for free download and use

    Quote Originally Posted by yasser kassem View Post
    Without any Copyrights, I would like to share my books in oil and gas industry for free download and use.

    Yasser Kassem

    Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Processing

    Basics of Oil and Gas Processing Book

    Basics of Corrosion in Oil and Gas Industry Book

    Basics of Fluid Flow and Pressure Drop Calculation

    Produced Water Treatment Book

    Water Formed Scale deposits Book
  3. Astm standards

    Dear ALL..
    ASTM F36
    ASTM F37
    ASTM F38
    ASTM F104
    ASTM F146
    ASTM F147
    ASTM F148
    ASTM F152
    ASTM F495
    ASTM F607
    ASTM F806
    ASTM F868
    ASTM F1276
    ASTM F1315
    ASTM F1574
  4. FAC Inspection program

  5. Flow accelerated corrosion (fac)

    Flow accelerated corrosion has caused many fatalities and must be taken care of
  6. Aws d1.2 2014

  7. ASM Handbook Set (34 Volumes + Index)

  8. Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry - Papavinasam

    Quote Originally Posted by engr.Waseem View Post
    do you have any reference book/standard which show material caompatibility of 90% to 98 % Sulfuric acid? kingly upload reference files or send links

  9. Astm a671 / a671m - 13

  10. Refractoy Thermo

    Quote Originally Posted by attyub194 View Post
    To evaluate the refractory lining there are two soft wares SIMU-Therm 7.0 and RLTM 1.04 There evaluation versions are attached
    due to the large size evaluation version could not be uploaded

    Could you please share license/ registration key
    I require it for my thesis

    best regards
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