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Oil And Gas Process

  1. papers about slug flow

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    I will be thankful if any one can help me to get any of the following papers about slug flow

    ABSTRACT · Taitel and Dukler, A model for predicting flow regime transitions in horizontal and near horizontal gas liquid flow, AIChE J. 1976, 22, 47-5
    · Herm Stapleberg, H. and Mewes, D., ‘The pressure loss and slug frequency of liquid-liquid-gas slug flow in horizontal pipes’, Int. J. Multiphase Flow, 1994, 20(2), pp.185-303.
    · Yocum, B.T.: “Offshore Riser Slug Flow Avoidance, Mathematical Model for Design and Optimization,” SPE 4312, presented at SPE European Meeting, London, April 1973.
    · Schmidt, Z.: “Experimental Study of Two-Phase Slug Flow in a Pipeline-Riser Pipe System,” Ph.D. Dissertation, U. of Tulsa 1977.
    · Schmidt, Z. et al.: “Choking Can Eliminate Severe Pipeline Slugging,” Oil and Gas J. 12, 230-8, 1979.
    · Schmidt, Z. et al.: “Severe Slugging in Offshore Pipeline-Riser Pipe System,” SPEJ, 27-38, 1985.
    · Farghaly, M. A.: “Study of Severe Slugging in Real Offshore Pipeline Riser-Pipe System,” SPE 15726, Presented at SPE Middle East Oil Technology Conference, Manama, Bahrain March 1987.
    · Jansen, F. E.: “Elimination of Severe Slugging in a Pipeline-Riser System,” MS. Thesis, U. of Tulsa, 1990.
    · Bendiksen et al.: “The Dynamic Two-Fluid Model OLGA: Theory and Application,” SPE Production Engineering, 171-180, May 1991.
    · McGuinness, M., and Cooke, D.: “Partial Stabilization at St. Joseph,” 3rd International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 235-241, June 6-11, Singapore 1993.
    · Hill, T. J.: “Gas Injection at Riser Base Solves Slugging, Flow Problems,” Oil and Gas J., 88-92 February 26, 1990.
    · Courbot, A.: “Prevention of Severe Slugging in the Dunbar 16” Multiphase Pipeline,” OTC 8196, 1996 Offshore Technology Conference, 445-452, 1996.
    Oil And Gas Process
  2. GexCon Flacs

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    Does anyone have FLACS v 9.1 ******** ?
  3. FWG or FSG plug

    Can someone provide me with any kind of material (training video, manual, PPT file etc.) for Baker's FWG or FSG plug.
  4. Control Valve Book Required.......

    Dear All,

    I need following book urgently.Kindly upload & help me...

    Thanks in advance..

    Control Valves - Practical Guides for Measurement and Control" edited by Guy Borden, Jr. and Paul G. Friedmann,.
    1998 edition published by ISA

  5. PipeSupport Pro


    hi frnds..can any1 help me thru smart plant P&ID installation Procedure.....
  7. Biodiesel aspen

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to simulate a biodiesel plant in aspen using triolein and it's been quite difficult. I'm using the ElectNRTL property method
    in aspen but it has many warnings in the results. Does someone know how to import the molecular structure of triolein into aspen
    using a MDL file? I found a MX file in pub chem but I don't know how to convert that to MDL.
    Please let me know. I would appreciate. Thanks,
  8. Euro iv diesel and petrol or motor gasoline specification

  9. HTRI Suite 7.0

    is anyone who have access to HTRI Suite 7 ???
    It will be very nice if someone can share it.
  10. SHELL DEP (Design and Engineering Practice)

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    DEP v29 (Latest Version)


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