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  1. 2018 International Mechanical Code® Study Companion

  2. Astm f 2786-10

    Dear friends:
    Please I'm looking for ASTM F 2786-10 "Standard Practice for Field Leak Testing of Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Piping Systems Using Gaseous Media Under Pressure (Pneumatic Leak Testing)", could you share this information if you have it.
    Best regards.
  3. Astm a671 / a671m - 13

  4. Request for Foamed Concrete Books

    Dear Friends,

    I am looking for Standards, Reference books & Manuals on Foamed Concrete. Request for help from all in sharing the links for any downloads.

    I am particularly looking for a Book Titled:- Foamed concrete - GCG7.

    Appreciate if you can share the same. Thanks in advance.

  5. EIL standards

    Does anyone have EIL standards and can upload them on any sharing site
    thanks in advance
  6. engineering hydrology

    hi all,
    i'm looking for following book
    engineering hydrology by subramanya k
    if any one have it please upload to the any file hosting site and send a url. *******s also possible

    thank you
    Civil Engineers
  7. Mathematics Books

  8. Schumberger OFM 2009

  9. Professional Training Course in Civil & Structural Design Engineering

    Professional Training Course in Civil & Structural Design Engineering
    Course Objective
    This course will help the candidates to have an in-depth understanding of structural
    behavior. This understanding will form a basis for analysis and design of
    building/structures. It will encourage use of Computer Aided Analysis & Design in the
    design process.
    Furthermore, the candidates will obtain the ability to choose and adapt calculation
    models and appropriate methods on the basis of in-depth understanding of the physical
    behavior, properties and limitations of the models and with regard to the actual purpose
    of the calculations.
    After the completion of this course the candidates will be able to:
    • Give a synthesis of Structural Mechanics and Structural Engineering on the basis of
    selected applications.
    • Widen the perspective on analysis and design of structural systems.
    • Have deep insight in Industrial design practices.
    Course Overview
    • Introduction to industry and industrial systems e.g. Infrastructure, Thermal Power
    Plant, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical etc
    • Role of civil engineers in various fields
    • Inputs from various departments and output
    • Concept of Analysis and Loading Calculations
    • Concrete Structure Design with relevant codes & standards. Steel structure design
    with relevant codes & standards
    • Equipment supporting structures and foundations
    • Pipe Racks and Sleepers
    • General Civil Works – Roads, Drains, CRWS (Contaminated Rain Water Sewer), OWS
    (Oily Water Sewer), Paving, Dyke Wall, Tank Farm Area, Boundary wall, fence,
    gate, Local support and platforms
    • Computer Aided Analysis and Design
    Classification of Structures
    Structure Geometry and Coordinate system
    How to generate Joints and Members
    How to assign Structural
  10. PipeSupport Pro

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