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  1. AGA Report No 10 : Speed Of Sound In Natural Gases

    AGA Repot No 10 : Speed Of Sound in Natural Gases

    The speed of sound in natural gas is the velocity a sound wave travels in the gas.

    An ultrasonic meter uses transducers to create sound pulses that travel across the flowing gas stream both with the flow and against the flow of gas.

    The difference in the transit times can be used to calculate the velocity of the gas in the pipe.

    The speed of sound in the gas can be calculated by dividing the distance between the transducer faces, known as path length, by the time required for a pulse to travel that distance.

    The path lengths are measured very accurately in the manufacture of the meter.

    In order for one to check the accuracy of the speed of sound measured by the ultrasonic meter, it was necessary to have an accurate method to calculate the speed of sound in natural gas.

    AGA Report No. 10 was developed to do just that.

    by comparing the speed of sound determined by the meter to the theoretical speed of sound in the gas as calculated by AGA Report No. 10.

    The equations that are Used In AGA 10 are extremely difficult to solve without the use of a computer

    U Can Calculate the AGA10 SOS , AGA 8 , AGA 7 , AGA 5 For free by :
  2. REQ: Few standards

    Quote Originally Posted by apofis1979 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by barakkuda View Post
    Hi BornToSin*

    I have only 2 of the standards missing. Hope this helps...
    thank you!!!
    Do you have ISO CEN TR 20172: 2017

    regards jurus
  3. BS/ EN/ ISO Welding standards : Welding materials

    Quote Originally Posted by ArnoldKinkweiser View Post
    can this be shared please?

    Hi I need CEN ISO/TR 20172 : 2017 standard edition . regards Jurus
  4. UL 60079-0 April 2020

    Hi All,
    Looking to get a copy of the latest release of UL 60079-0, released in April 2020.
    Any help with this would be great.

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Petrel 2018.2 and Hampson Russel 10.4.2

  6. NFPA 70 - 2020 & NEMA VE-1 - 2017

    Hi there!

    Please, have anyone the NFPA 70, 2020 edition? and NEMA VE-1, 2017 edition? , could you share them?

    Thank you in advance
    Muchas Gracias

  8. API 650 12th Ed. 2014 Add 2018

  9. Astm standards

    Dear ALL..
    ASTM F36
    ASTM F37
    ASTM F38
    ASTM F104
    ASTM F146
    ASTM F147
    ASTM F148
    ASTM F152
    ASTM F495
    ASTM F607
    ASTM F806
    ASTM F868
    ASTM F1276
    ASTM F1315
    ASTM F1574
  10. 2018 International Mechanical Code® Study Companion

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