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  1. Salary Comparison: Drilling Engineering vs Reservoir Engineering

    Hello World!

    This is a question for all folks who know about the salaries of Drilling Engineers and Reservoir Engineers.

    Can someone tell me who gets more money overall yearly; a Drilling Engineer or a Reservoir Engineer? I have completed my BASc. degree in Petroleum Engineering and I like both Drilling and Reservoir fields, but I have no special preference for writing SPE papers, using fancy software or all of those paraphernalia that do not directly impact my salary; I just want to get into a field that helps me to maximize my earning potential while I am single and have the energy to work long hours and work hard. Being away from family is no big disadvantage for me.

    I have just checked the SPE salary surveys from 2007 to 2011 and it seems that over time, the base salary for drilling engineers has steadily overtaken the base salary of reservoir engineers. Even in times when D.E.'s and R.E.'s get the same base salaries, can I assume that Drilling Engineers always get more money than Reservoir Engineers anyways due to the offshore allowances, since R.E.'s don't spend much time offshore?


    Markus L.