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10-09-2009, 01:12 PM
124966-MS New Slickline Smart-Release Tool Mitigates Wire-Recovery Issues in Extreme Well Conditions
123826-MS A Novel Approach of Wireline Intervention for Newly Drilled Well: Sotong Case Study and Best Practices
26063-MS New Electronic Measurement System Enhances Slickline Service Capabilities
51183-PA Field Cases of Cost-Efficient Slickline Well Interventions
113806-MS Case History: Extended-Stroke Downhole Power Unit Successfully Pulls Subsea Wellhead Plugs
114911-MS Real Time Well Diagnostic Using Slick Line Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensors: West Venezuela Applications
113655-MS Pushing the Wireline Operation to New Frontiers
107064-MS Measuring CT and Slickline Fatigue Life Reduction Due to Corrosion
103168-MS Real-Time Wire Management System Improves Reliability and Efficiency in Slickline Service Operations
100744-MS An Offline Approach Utilising New Slickline Technology
81536-MS An Improved Method of Slickline Perforating
35236-MS Low Cost Solutions for Well Interventions Through Advanced Slickline Services
15606-MS Development of Slickline Logging Tools for Very High-Temperature Applications
38097-MS Field Cases of Cost Efficient Well Interventions Performed With Advanced Slickline Technology
59710-MS Innovations in Slickline Technology
60722-MS Coiled Tubing: Extending the Reach of Slickline Operations
OTC 8530-MS Field Cases of Cost Efficient Slickline Well Interventions
107230-MS Toolstring Impact Sensors
89348-MS Coiled Tubing and Wireline Intervention for Well Abandonment
95598-MS Design Considerations for Intervention less, Commingled Multi zone Selective Sand Control Deepwater Completions
90760-MS Mono bore Completion Using Intervention less Technology in Offshore Horizontal Gas-Injection Wells
87282-MS Innovative Completion Technology, Preparation, and Contingency Planning Simplifies Baltim Completions While Increasing Reliability and Reducing Remedial Cost
101320-MS Service the Limit - Operational Excellence in Well Intervention
27601-MS Monobore Completions for Slimhole Wells

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04-05-2013, 02:27 AM
You are lucky man!! I have the first two ones!! Good Luck