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12-18-2013, 10:44 PM
Hello all:

This post is intended for looking assistance in the current situation we are facing. In the project currently enrolled the engineering department didnt specified any mean to mitigate the effects of galvanic corrosion in flanged connections, mainly the flanges from piping department are installed in carbon steel material, the instruments are for the contrary (TW, LG) have flanges from SS (316 mainly), also the bolts and nuts used for connection are also from CS. The main problem is that we are in a coast side environment, that I pressume was not take into accont. This is resulting in extreme corrosion effects on the bolts and nuts, and in some cases even the flange from the piping discipline.

Is there a a standard that adresses thios problem?, so I can point out that isolation flage kits, coating are required?. how can I enforce means of protection?