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08-28-2007, 02:06 PM
CambridgeSoft ChemOffice Ultra-v2006
ChemOffice transforms your PC into a chemical & biological
publishing, modeling, and database workstation.
ChemOffice is for Windows only. Macintosh users can purchase
ChemDraw which includes the latest and most feature-filled version of
ChemDraw for the Macintosh. There is no Macintosh software included with ChemOffice.
This ultimate suite includes ChemDraw Ultra 10.0, MestReC, BioViz Ultra 10.0, BioDraw
Ultra 10.0, Chem3D Ultra 10.0, GAMESS Pro 10.0, BioOffice Ultra 2006, BioAssay
Ultra 10.0, ChemFinder Ultra 10.0, Inventory Ultra 10.0, E-Notebook Ultra 10.0, as well
as a full suite of databases: ChemINDEX, ChemACX, & Ashgate Drugs. It adds the BioViz, BioAssay
and Inventory applications, as well as the ChemACX and Ashgate Drugs databases, to ChemOffice Pro.

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Thank you very much for this very great Software...