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07-17-2013, 10:00 AM
Hello, I need to design following things, please guide me how to start

1. Scrubber

Typical application is scrubbing of P13 ( Code name) form vapors coming from Melter.
Vapors will be containing Moisture, Carry over Sebasic acid and P13.
P13 may be scrubbed using Ricinolic acid. Its highly solluble in this fatty acid.

Name of Compound: Sebacic Acid
Vapor load from melting tank: 40% moisture
P-13 compound :1% max
Scrubbing Compound : Recinolic Acid
Temperatur : 150C - 180C
Pressure : Atmospheric
Volume : 3kl
Operation Continuous
Feed Rate to melting tank : 500 - 2000 kg/hr

2. SA Recovery Reactor

Typical application is recovery of Sebasic acid from Sludge.
Sludge contains 50-80% of Sebasic acid.

Name of Compound : S.A. Residue
Purity : 50% - 80% of Sebacic Acid
Material to recover : Sebacic Acid
Process : Extraction in water at 100C and 5.6 pH then filtration
Solubility : 0.2% in hot water
Pressure : Atmospheric
Process Volume : 5 kl
Operation : Batch
Process Timing : 10 - 12 hrs