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Handbook for Estimating Physiochemical Properties of Organic Compounds

Book Description

A comprehensive compendium of published property estimation techniques for organic compounds.

For scientists and engineers seeking to estimate properties of compounds, this time-saving Handbook brings together in one compact volume a vast array of property estimation methods from more than 2,700 published sources for calculating these and many other properties of organic compounds:
* Density and molar volume
* Boiling point
* Refractive index and molar refraction
* Melting point
* Surface tension and parachor
* Water solubility
* Viscosity
* Air/water partition coefficient
* Vapor pressure
* Octanol/water partition coefficient
* Enthalpy of vaporization
* Soil/water partition coefficient.

The property estimation techniques detailed in the Handbook have been chosen for their broad applicability and practical value. The discussion of each estimating technique includes a clear exposition of the technique, including classes of compounds for which it is applicable and critical consideration of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as many worked-out examples demonstrating the technique.

The Handbook can be used on its own or in tandem with the Toolkit for Estimating Physicochemical Properties of Organic Compounds, an easy-to-use, Windows(r)-based program that puts rapid estimation routines and flexible search capabilities at the user's fingertips. The Toolkit CD features routines for estimating key properties of organic compounds and a database of property and other data for more than 24,000 organic compounds.

Book Info
Brings together in one volume a vast array of property estimation methods from more than 2,700 published sources for calculating those & many other properties of organic compounds.


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The purpose of this manual is to introduce the reader to the concept of property assessment and summarize the estimation methods used goods to major psychological chemistry. The number of estimation techniques in the literature is vast and growing. This book covers a subset of the authors found a relatively wide application and high practical value.

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