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11-20-2012, 12:46 AM
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11-20-2012, 12:21 PM
the first list includes the products listed in wikipedia page dedicated to process simulators and it is quite complete,
the comparison table is limited to the features of a specitic product (possibly it has been created to promote that software) and doesn't mention many other things (as multiphase, phase equilibria with reactions etc.) which one may need,
it is not easy to compare the features available in different tools because of different area of application, models available etc.
for example I work mainly with Excel and Matlab and I prefer a thermodynamic library, see


which includes a large number of features present in simulators (I mean rigorous thermodynamics, columns, reactors etc.) at a reduced cost.
Prode has a simulator (Prode Sim) with GUI and additional features.
Some companies offer dynamic and pseudo-dynamic simulation features, in this area before to select a product one should carefully evaluate (with some tests) the numerical methods utilized for integration, some solvers do not work wiith many stiff problems as those related to separation columns.
Finally, despite the fact that some products have been on the market for many years the features and area of application are limited, they may be Ok for hydrocarbons but not for chemicals etc., you should evaluate phase equilibria and flexibility in solving complex specifications, this requires specific tests.