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Price delivered in USA (See Price List for Non-USA prices)


Assay Simulator Price: $9750

HPI's Crude Oil Assay Simulator uses "whole crude" properties to update the cut yields and properties for a crude oil. It can be used by laboratories, crude traders, and refinery planners. The program uses mS Excel and the CCPP models. The models are tuned to the cut properties of a Base assay.


Crude Cut Property Prediction (CCPP models) Price: $6750

HPI's Crude Cut Property Prediction (CCPP) models use cut points and "whole crude" properties to predict the cut yields and properties of an assay cut fraction. The models are created using neural networks with input of hundreds of new and old assays. They are implemented as Excel Functions, and can be inserted into any Excel application.


Crude Assay DataBase (COADB) and Handbook - 1995 Price: $1,500

The Library consists of assays for 243 crudes from around the world. A new Assay Viewer (ASSAY-VW in EXCEL™ format) allows the assays to be viewed, printed, and graphed. In addition, reports can be made showing user selected properties for any or all crudes. Assays are delivered as Lotus 1-2-3TM files along with a Handbook containing printed copies of the assays and the procedures used to prepare them.

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Crude Oil Assay Management System (ASSAY-MS) Price: $700

ASSAY-MS is available in EXCELTM format with easy to use menus and screens. It allows blending of up to 10 crudes, performs cut point changes to the assays and allows updating and additions to the HPI Crude Assay DataBase (COADB). Requires COADB.

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