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02-23-2009, 08:45 PM
Hello every one,i am a final year chemical engineering student and would like to get your assistance for my plant design project.

The project is about designing a process that uses "mixed c4 byproduct" which are produced from naphtha ,ethane propane,butane *****ing plant as a byproduct .the main compositions of this byproduct are 1,3 butadien, isobutene and carbondioxide.since the composition of carbondioxide is 12% it is required that something has to be produced rather than just let it as a stack gas.the other constraint is ,it is not expected to produce polymer b/c hysys or icon can't be used for the simulation later.i hope any one who has specialized in this area -petrochemical, will drop at least a line

your advice is really valued.
Thank you!!!

07-01-2010, 01:37 PM
I know these would help you since this topic is posted on 2009 but I'll give some of my ideas

1. you can use to produce MTBE or ETBE
2. Butyl acetate (I just saw a jornal about it minute ago)
3. You can isomerize it to be 1-butene or 2-butene , it can some how increase the percent yield in some reaction.