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Islam Anas
03-02-2012, 12:25 AM
can any one help me get these papers , which concern soil improvement , please?

Effect of geotextile reinforcement on the mechanical behavior of sand ( com%2Fscience%2Farticle%2Fpii%2FS0266114400000054% 3F_alid%3D1867311173%26_rdoc%3D1%26_fmt%3Dhigh%26_ origin%3Dsearch%26_docanchor%3D%26_ct%3D3508%26_zo ne%3Drslt_list_item%26md5%3D3e0518f23128d4bf1c3fe4 da2fa71748)

A new constitutive model for textured geomembrane/geotextile interfaces ( com%2Fscience%2Farticle%2Fpii%2FS0266114410000968% 3F_alid%3D1867311173%26_rdoc%3D3%26_fmt%3Dhigh%26_ origin%3Dsearch%26_docanchor%3D%26_ct%3D3508%26_zo ne%3Drslt_list_item%26md5%3Dca7f62f087602628d988e5 9d1e5c99a8)

A comprehensive method for analyzing the effect of geotextile layers on embankment stability ( com%2Fscience%2Farticle%2Fpii%2FS0266114409000028% 3F_alid%3D1867311173%26_rdoc%3D12%26_fmt%3Dhigh%26 _origin%3Dsearch%26_docanchor%3D%26_ct%3D3508%26_z one%3Drslt_list_item%26md5%3D33636830f701d7f52f192 af656d8ce64)

Finite element analysis of geotextile-reinforced sand-bed subjected to strip loading ( com%2Fscience%2Farticle%2Fpii%2FS0266114407000544% 3F_alid%3D1867311173%26_rdoc%3D15%26_fmt%3Dhigh%26 _origin%3Dsearch%26_docanchor%3D%26_ct%3D3508%26_z one%3Drslt_list_item%26md5%3D999c917b367fab45d886e 1b972acf12e)

Field versus laboratory filtration performance of a nonwoven geotextile with fly ash ( com%2Fscience%2Farticle%2Fpii%2FS0266114498000090% 3F_alid%3D1867311173%26_rdoc%3D18%26_fmt%3Dhigh%26 _origin%3Dsearch%26_docanchor%3D%26_ct%3D3508%26_z one%3Drslt_list_item%26md5%3Db74909ddbf4a98617d6f5 c6df55afa96)

Laboratory evaluation of the behavior of a geotextile reinforced clay ( com%2Fscience%2Farticle%2Fpii%2FS0266114409001289% 3F_alid%3D1867311173%26_rdoc%3D22%26_fmt%3Dhigh%26 _origin%3Dsearch%26_docanchor%3D%26_ct%3D3508%26_z one%3Drslt_list_item%26md5%3Dbb4c203e6acea933f5219 05ee84363e1)

Investigation of geotextile–soil interaction under a cyclic vertical load using the discrete element method ( com%2Fscience%2Farticle%2Fpii%2FS0266114409000867% 3F_alid%3D1867311173%26_rdoc%3D27%26_fmt%3Dhigh%26 _origin%3Dsearch%26_docanchor%3D%26_ct%3D3508%26_z one%3Drslt_list_item%26md5%3D2c1f12273f1c54941e442 2103a70c5c3)

Deformations of a geosynthetic clay liner beneath a geomembrane wrinkle and coarse gravel ( nward%2Frecord.url%3FpartnerID%3DHzOxMe3b%26scp%3D 33746216695)

Volume 24, Issue 5, October 2006, Pages 285-298
Dickinson, S. | Brachman, R.W.I.

Improvement of soft soils using geogrid encased stone columns ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2008.11.001)
June 2009
Joel Gniel | Abdelmalek Bouazza
Uniaxial compressive behavior of scrapped tire and sand-filled wire netted geocell with a geotextile envelope ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.04.001)

October 2011
Stéphane Lambert | François Nicot | Philippe Gotteland

Geotechnical performance of waste tires for soil reinforcement from chamber tests ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2006.10.004)

February 2008
Yeo Won Yoon | Seung Beom Heo | Keun Soo Kim

Shear strength of geosynthetic composite systems for design of landfill liner and cover slopes ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2010.11.005)

June 2011
Hisham T. Eid

Soil–geosynthetic interaction: Modelling and analysis ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2009.03.003)

October 2009
Ennio Marques Palmeira

Earth pressure coefficients for design of geosynthetic reinforced soil structures ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.04.003)

October 2011
Castorina Silva Vieira | Maria de Lurdes Lopes | Laura M. Caldeira

A new procedure for measuring geosynthetic friction with an inclined plane ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.04.002)

October 2011
L. Briançon | H. Girard | J.P. Gourc
Design of reinforced embankments on soft clay deposits considering the viscosity of both foundation and reinforcement ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.03.001)

October 2011
R. Kerry Rowe | C. Taechakumthorn

Geotextiles and Geomembranes: Best papers in 2009 ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2010.11.007)

October 2011
R. Kerry Rowe
FE simulation of viscous behavior of geogrid-reinforced sand under laboratory-scale plane-strain-compression testing ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.09.005)

Available online 2 October 2011
Fu-Lin Li | Fang-Le Peng | Yong Tan | W. Kongkitkul | M.S.A. Siddiquee
Discussion of “Bearing capacity of geocell reinforcement in embankment engineering” by Ling Zhang, Minghua Zhao, Caijun Shi and Heng Zhao 2010,28; 475–482 ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.09.003)

Available online 5 October 2011
Ayhan Gurbuz
Geotextiles and geomembranes: Best papers in 2010 ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.10.001)

Available online 8 November 2011
R. Kerry Rowe
A model for filter cake formation on geotextiles: Theory ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.10.002)

Available online 16 November 2011
J. Richard Weggel | Nicholas Dudley Ward
A model for filter cake formation on geotextiles: Experiments ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.10.003)

Available online 20 November 2011
J. Richard Weggel | Jacob Dortch
Biaxial tensile behavior of spunbonded nonwoven geotextiles ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.07.006)

December 2011
Amit Rawal | Aditya Kochhar | Ashish Gupta
Pullout tests conducted on clay reinforced with geogrid encapsulated in thin layers of sand ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.04.004)

December 2011
M.R. Abdi | M.A. Arjomand
Reply to the discussion by Khabbazian, M., Meehan, C.L., and Kaliakin, V.N., on “Geosynthetic-encased stone columns: Analytical calculation model” [Geotextiles and Geomembranes 29(1), 2011, pp. 29–39] ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.01.011)

December 2011
Boštjan Pulko | Bojan Majes | Janko Logar
Discussion of “Geosynthetic-encased stone columns: Analytical calculation model” by Bostjan Pulko, Bojan Majes, and Janko Logar, Geotextiles and Geomembranes 29 (2011) 29–39 ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.01.010)

December 2011
Majid Khabbazian | Christopher L. Meehan | Victor N. Kaliakin
Centrifuge model study on low permeable slope reinforced by hybrid geosynthetics ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.07.003)

December 2011
D.V. Raisinghani | B.V.S. Viswanadham
Consolidation enhanced membrane behavior of a geosynthetic clay liner ( 16%2Fj.geotexmem.2011.07.002)

December 2011
Jong-Beom Kang | Charles D. S****elford

03-02-2012, 05:40 PM
pls help me with the following scitations from science direct:
1) W. D. Munro, N. R. Amundson, SOLID-FLUID HEAT EXCHANGE IN MOVING BEDS, Ind. Eng. Chem. 42 (1950) 1481.
2) N. R. Amundson, SOLID-FLUID INTERACTIONS IN FIXED & MOVING BEDS, Ind. Eng. Chem. 42 (1950) 26.

03-04-2012, 01:52 PM
I have almost all of these papers (25 articles, all in pdf, about 21 mb).
Write to me e-mail adress (PM). I will send you everything what I have.

03-06-2012, 02:08 PM
I have almost all of these papers (25 articles, all in pdf, about 21 mb).
Write to me e-mail adress (PM). I will send you everything what I have.