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This book has always been a short, comprehensive overview of the oil industry. Obviously, almost any subject touched on in this volume could be the subject of an entire book much lengthier than this one. But, the author hopes it does give the readers a basic understanding of the industry, how things work, the objectives and how they are accomplished. He also hopes it will give the readers a sincere appreciation for the vast amount of expertise, engineering, science and technology required to put that gallon of gasoline in the tank that drives their cars or heats their homes.

It is an amazing industry! It stretches worldwide. It operates in the most hostile environments. Amazing tools have been developed that withstand unimaginable stresses. Holes which are more than five miles in depth are drilled to produce oil and gas. Oil is produced in ocean waters that are two miles in depth. From the wellhead to the automobile or airplane is a delicate balance of supply and demand. The energy industry deserves our highest respect and greatest honor. It keeps our cars running with the kids going to school and us going to work. Without it . . . well, to say we would all be walking or riding bicycles or horses.

The first edition of this book was published in 1958. That is more than 50 years ago. Many changes have happened since then. It is important that everyone have a basic understanding of the energy industry. The author hopes this text will provide that basic understanding.

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