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Product Details
Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 1 edition (December 1, 1993)
Language: English
Book Description
ISBN-10: 0070529868 | ISBN-13: 978-0070529861 | Publication Date: December 1, 1993 | Edition: 1
Suffering from chronic project headaches? Relief is on the way! PM pro George Ritz has written the prescription for the efficient, profitable, and headache-free management of any capital project. Total Construction Project Management combines the latest management innovations with tried-and-proven construction techniques to produce a cutting-edge ``total system'' guaranteed to give you complete control over every phase of field operations. You'll see how to: prepare winning bids and proposals; obtain and negotiate favorable contracts; estimate accurate project costs; determine realistic project budgets; set attainable project schedules; organize human, physical, and financial resources; design, build, and motivate a field organization; implement effective project controls; ensure job-site safety; improve project communications; use PCs in the field and office; and much more. (19941001)
Editorial Reviews
``A practical guide for construction managers on how to complete construction projects as specified, on schedule, and within budget.'' (Sci-Tech Book News )
From the Back Cover
How to complete construction projects as specified, on schedule, and within budget
Most construction managers bring strong technical skills to the job site, but few possess the management skills it takes to successfully coordinate the many phases of a construction project. This lack of managerial expertise is often the underlying reason for project delays, excessive spending, and ultimately, dissatisfied clients.
In this highly practical guide, one of the nation's foremost project management experts shows you how you can achieve project goals by gaining control over the entire construction management process. You'll learn how to plan and organize each stage of a capital project--from initiation to close-out of the completed facility.
Beginning with a useful introduction that defines the roles and responsibilities of the construction manager, the book offers proven, field-tested methods for:

* Preparing project bids and proposals
* Negotiating contracts
* Determining cost estimates and project budgets
* Establishing realistic schedules
* Organizing human, physical, and financial resources
* Designing, building, and motivating a field organization
In addition, you'll find vital coverage of such important collateral functions as construction safety and health ... project communications ... human relations ... using PCs in the field ... financing ... control systems ... and more. Case studies demonstrating management procedures are included, along with sample construction documents that can be adapted for your own project needs.
Whether you are a construction manager, field engineer, or seeking career advancement in the construction industry, this indispensable resource presents a "total systems approach" to construction management that will ensure the success of any construction project.

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