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07-13-2007, 02:40 PM
Philosophical Dictionary "Cannibals to Falsity of Human Virtue" (Works vol. 4) (****s/Voltaire0265/Works/0060-04_Bk.pdf)

Philosophical Dictionary "Fanaticism to Job" (Works vol. 5) (****s/Voltaire0265/Works/0060-05_Bk.pdf)

Philosophical Dictionary "Joseph to Privileges" (Works vol. 6) (****s/Voltaire0265/Works/0060-06_Bk.pdf)

Philosophical Dictionary "Property to Zoroaster" (Works vol. 7) (****s/Voltaire0265/Works/0060-07_Bk.pdf)

Philosophical Letters (The Works vol. 19) (****s/Voltaire0265/Works/0060-19_Bk.pdf)

Henriade, Letters, Morley’s Biography (The Works vol. 21) (****s/Commentaries/Morley0300/Voltaire/0060-21_Bk.pdf)

Essays on the Theory of the Market Economy (1940) ()
A collection of Lachmann’s essays which were originally published between 1940 and 1973. Two of the articles appear here in translation for the first time. Lachmann writes on the history of economic thought, monetary theory, business cycle theory, capital theory, and methodology.

William Shakespeare , The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (The Oxford Shakespeare) (1916 ()