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i need EarthVision and ready to exchange;)

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Dynamic Graphics EarthVision Technology

EarthVision® 8, developed by Dynamic Graphics, offers software for 3D model building, analysis, and visualization, with precise 3D models that can be quickly created and updated. Accurate maps and cross sections, reservoir characterization, and volumetric analysis are made easy. EarthVision′s multitude of visualization tools, including integrated seismic and cellular display, improve and simplify quality control, well planning, and communication to management, investors, partners, and the diverse members of the asset team.

Streamline the Model Building Process

Streamline complex model building with the WorkFlow Manager′s geologically oriented process. Using one-time data entry, the WorkFlow Manager′s interface provides an intuitive environment, guiding users through modeling fluid contacts, salt domes, diapirs, and complexly faulted structures, and performing time-to-depth conversions. Highlights include: customizable workflow, easy and effective QA⁄QC through 3D analysis of models; seamlessly integrate seismic interpretations in time with your depth model using EarthVision′s geo-model-driven velocity and time-to-depth conversion; include property information from well data or other sources; model property distributions using geometric reconstructive techniques to better represent the true depositional history of strata in faulted reservoirs; group properties by zone or fault block and use conformal or non-conformal gridding to accurately represent property distributions.

Display, Process, and Analyze Geologic Data

Contour maps, isochore maps, and cross sections derived from EarthVision 3D models provide accurate, easily understood representations of reverse faults, major fault gaps, fault-wedge contours, and other geologic scenarios regardless of complexity. These representations of layer juxtaposition are critical tools in volumetric analysis, fluid migration, and hydrocarbon entrapment analyses. 3D property models built with EarthVision′s geometric restoration technique provide rigorous representations of faulted reservoirs. The accuracy of the resulting models allows for greater confidence in well placement and reservoir management decisions.

Volumetrics calculations, well log display in 2D and 3D, mathematical processing of input and output data⁄models, a multitude of industry import⁄export links, and 3D interactive statistical data analysis functions round out the available tools, making EarthVision a fully-featured 3D earth modeling and analysis package.

Geocellular Grid Export

A dramatic advance in EarthVision is the optional Geocellular module. Starting from an EarthVision structural model, the module generates grids suitable for export into a wide variety of reservoir simulation software. Highlights include: generating new geocellular grids in minutes; precise cell modeling; numerous upscaling options, including arithmetic, geometric, harmonic, and power mean, plus hybrid schema for heterogeneous properties such as permeability; industry-standard export formats including Eclipse™, RESCUE™, VIP™, CMG™, GRIDGENR™, and more; and visualization of inputs and outputs within the familiar 3D Viewer environment.

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