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The major functionality of the GeoCyberOcean is multi-wavelet seismic trace decomposition, wavelet selection, and seismic trace reconstruction. It first decompose seismic traces into wavelets of different dominant frequencies. Wavelet selection and reconstruction are then performed for certain objectives, such as enhancing the structure features for a more detailed and accurate interpretation for seismic modeling in Petrel, or obtaining a new seismic volume that better correlates to the drilled reservoir properties for more accurate reservoir prediction or reserve calculation in Petrel.


The multi-wavelet seismic trace decomposition is performed in time domain with one time globel optimization. Each obtained wavelet is described by three values: its amplitude, time position in the original seismic trace, and dominant frequency. The original seismic trace can then be reconstructed accurately with all the obtained wavelets. The power spectrum of two wavelets of different dominant frequencies may largely overlap. With wavelet selection, we can remove one of the wavelets easily without affect anything of the other wavelet. These features enable GeoCyberOcean a powerful tool to ectract the important information, such as hydrocarbon signatures, from your seismic data.

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