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Gas-liquid-solid Reactor Design
by: Yatish T. Shah

B0006X3698 9780070563704 0070563705978
Gas-liquid-solid reactor design
by Yatish T. Shah
•Edition: Illustrated
•Publisher: McGraw-Hill International Book Co.,
•Publication Date: 1979
•ISBN: 0070563705, 9780070563704
•Number of Pages: 373
The analysis and design of multiphase reactors is probably the most widely researched subject in the area of chemical reaction engineering at the present time. While the subject of two-phase reactor design (i.e., gas-solid and gas-liquid) has been extensively reviewed in numerous texts, no similar treatment of three-phase (i.e., gas-liquid-solid) reactor design is available.
The monograph is primarily designed to be used by industrial researchers and graduate students in order to bring them up to date on the state-of-the-art in three-phase reactor design . This book can also be used as a reference text for graduate level courses in reaction engineering.

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