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09-12-2010, 06:25 PM
Hi there,

Does anybody has tutorial for Algor Simulation Professional 2010?

FYI i have succesfully install and run the application but there is no help files available. Hopefully someone would share Algor tutorial.

Here is the download link for Algor Simulation Professional 2010:
(Algor Simulation Professional 2010 Part 1)
(Algor Simulation Professional 2010 Part 2)

Installation notes:
1. The release in those links is ripped and this is the reason i didn't succedd to install in my notebook in XP. In MSI directory 8 files are lenght 0 (7 of MS installer 4.5 and 1 of MS Installer 3.1). After downloading from Microsoft and copied in the MSI folder i succesfully installed.
2. Other files ripped are dotnetfx3.5 from X86 and X64 support directories. If not installed in your computer download from Microsoft and install. You can complete your installation disk before burning the disk.
3. Ripped too Java 2 and SamReport but i think no one need them.
4. Install NLM (Network License Manager) and copy the adskflex.exe inside.
5. Install the soft (Network license and not Standalone) using the configuration before install.
6. Copy the dll and the lic in Program Files\Algor\2010.00 folder (not in autodesk like the explanation in notes.txt).
7. Don't forget your computer is the license server too and you must know it name and the computer must be visible in your workgroup.
8. Start the NLM (LMTOOLS Utility) and configure the service, start the service and check if the sever diagnostic see the license.
9. Good luck.

03-28-2011, 05:22 PM
i was looking this tutorial and software link this, for FEA and piping