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i did not get the gist. apparently your post is old. I dont know if you solve this problem or not, but, what is exactly the problem? I know a little about HYSYS, and never work with it as a professional, but I think the oil temp. is not a matter. during a real process, there should be always a level of liquid in Drums ( not mandatory, just for safety). just check compressor vendor requiremens for oil temp. and also consider oil level in all of your equipments, do not control the temp. just control level of oil. control the temp. with an aircooler and a three way valve. inform me if it was usefull.

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My main concern is functionality of screw compressor with heavier gas (Boot Gas or Vapour recovery). What I was experiencing is constant loss of viscosity of CP-4601-150, but I have to say that discharge temperature is high by design 121 to 128 degC. Does anyone have experience with PAG oil used in screw compressors for applications mentioned above.

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The discharge temperature of the scre compressor is restricted to max of 110Deg C to 115Deg c by injecting additional amount of CP oil of the grade given. The screw compressor manufacturer decided the quantum and accordingly the oil pump has to be selected.
The purpose of this thread is has any one come out with the correct Process Simulation on any availabe software. If so, would it be possible to share to this august members.

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The ADJ-3 shown in the PFD is merely a simulation tool used to ensure flow sheet convergence. I am willing to bet that the ADJ-3 installed at point 4 adjusts the flow rate of lube flow in such a way that the temperature at point 4 is constantly maintained at some desired level.

In essence ADJ-3 calculates the required lube flow rate that must be used to keep the temperature at point 4 as close to 110 degrees as possible.

As for the RCY-2 this is also another simulation tool that is used to calculate the required lube recycle flow to ensure flow sheet convergence. It looks like some streams have been disconnected here, lube oil recycle should be attached in order for RCY-2 to be mathamatically useful. As it stands right now, if you were remove RCY-2 the flow sheet would still converge.

I am able to give you more detailed information if you can post the simulation file.

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Dear adarw028,
I will send the input file next week as I have to check the input stream once again. Which version of hysys do you have?